Joe & Suzanne – Becoming Retirement Ready

Do I have enough money to retire? How will I get my money when the paycheck stops? Should my allocations change now that I’m going to retire? Will my spouse be OK?


These were the questions Joe, a 68-year-old executive, and Suzanne, a 60-year-old stay-at-home mother, was losing sleep over. They had spent many years raising their four children, putting them through college, and successfully guiding them toward meaningful careers, and it was now time to concentrate on their own financial future. After asking friends who they used as financial advisors, they contacted JSA.

The Approach

Our first discussion concentrated on what Joe and Suzanne wanted to achieve with their accumulated wealth. What was the purpose of their money? Once we understood this, we were able to consult with them on portfolio allocations and account distribution strategies that would protect them from running out of money and increase the chance they would achieve their goals.

The Outcome

After understanding their purpose and goals, our advisors allocated the couple’s portfolio in preparation for retirement, identified Social Security strategies, and worked with their CPA to make sure their accounts were well-positioned to take advantage of the drop in taxable income at retirement.

Joe and Suzanne now feel optimistic about their financial future and are ready to retire with confidence.