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Community Involvement

Responsibility is Our Guiding Principle – to Our Clients, Our Community, and Our World

Responsibility lies at the heart of everything we do at JSA.

Responsibility to Our Clients

We feel responsibility for the future financial well-being of every one of our clients.

Responsibility to Our Local Community

We are committed to making our community richer by supporting several local social and service organizations. We have supported a number of local organizations, including the United Way of Wisconsin, Community Shares of Wisconsin, Friends of the Henry Vilas Zoo, Friends of the Waisman Center, Madison Symphony Orchestra, Rubin for Kids, March of Dimes, University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, and St. Jude. Bolstering these valuable organizations helps make Madison an even better community where all of us can live and work.

Responsibility to the Global Community

Among our criteria for choosing investment opportunities is whether or not a company contributes to our planet’s overall social and environmental wellbeing. These are investments we can all be proud to own. Because they are making a difference while making a profit, they also deliver the best opportunity for long-term financial growth.