Our Mission




Our mission is To create the most positive impact possible on you, your loved ones, and your causes.

Understanding your purpose, which we call your Money Mission, is key. This means every dollar should have a purpose.

Together, we can Give Your Money a Mission.

“At JSA, we’re striving to change the world of financial advice by treating every decision as if it was our own money we’re putting to work. This principle must drive our research and planning processes.”

why jsa

we are fiduciary and fee-only

We act in your best interest 100% of the time.

Only our clients pay us (we don’t sell products).

we’re in this together

We think and act as if your money is our own.

Our Partners and Advisors own the same stocks as you and will endure losses and enjoy gains alongside you.

you hire our entire team

We work together as a team, and you’ll get to know all our advisors.

There are two advisors in your meetings to offer more experience and perspective.