Our Process

Partner, Grow, Thrive

Personalized Discovery Process

Feel UNDERSTOOD during our discovery process that gets to the heart of your financial purpose and what you truly value in life. We’ll work together to define your personal Money Mission Plan™.

Passionate People Who Care

Feel ASSURED that you are receiving objective, personalized advice from a team of purpose-driven advisors who can navigate even the most complex financial situations.

Purpose Driven Strategies

Feel PROUD knowing you are investing your money with a conscience. We have a deep conviction in being accountable to society and our environment.


In our first meeting, we’ll explore where you are today and where you want to go. By the end of our conversation, our team will have the information needed to develop a Money Mission Plan to get you there.


During our next meeting, we’ll present your personalized Money Mission Plan outlining specific goals and an action plan for the next 90 days. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of where you are today and what’s possible. There is no cost for these initial conversations; we just want you to be better off having met with our team.


Once you are ready to move forward, our experienced transition team will walk you through transferring your accounts to our management. We’ll go through this at a pace that works for you.


We’ll build a tax-efficient portfolio that you can be proud to own.

Our work doesn’t stop once a plan is in motion.
We’re alongside you on your financial journey and help where your money meets your life.