Our Story

Delivering Financial Expertise to Individuals and Small Entities for Over 20 Years


Our story began in the 1970’s when founder Allen Jacobson decided to build a career doing what he loved – investing in companies. However, he quickly became aware that many professionals in his industry were more concerned with indulging in their own self-interests, prioritizing profits over people.

Fed up with watching people being taken advantage of financially, he decided he needed a change from the broker way of business. He used his frustrations to create an opportunity – build a firm that would reinvent what it means to be a wealth manager.

In 2006 he and current Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Jason Schmitt, formed Jacobson & Schmitt Advisors as a 100% fiduciary wealth management platform, dedicated to helping people optimize their money in a more meaningful way.

Picture of JSA Founders, Jason Schmitt (left) and Allen Jacobson (right)

Jason Schmitt (left) and M Allen Jacobson (right)

Our firm was built on the belief that money can and should be a catalyst for good – for individuals and their families, our communities, and our environment. We started JSA (registered as an INDEPENDENT advisory firm, or “RIA”) with the promise that our advisors would always serve the best interests of the client and the environment, with responsible advice that they would follow themselves. These simple yet critical concepts have remained the heart and soul of JSA’s approach to wealth management since the beginning.

We’re committed to changing the industry for the better and creating the most positive impact possible on the lives of our clients, our beloved communities, and even the planet.

Come see what it’s like to work with a mission-based firm that will help you envision and achieve a purpose-driven financial plan!

why jsa

we are fiduciary and fee-only

We act in your best interest 100% of the time.

Only our clients pay us (we don’t sell products).

we’re in this together

We think and act as if your money is our own.

Our Partners and Advisors own the same stocks as you and will endure losses and enjoy gains alongside you.

you hire our entire team

We work together as a team, and you’ll get to know all our advisors.

There are two advisors in your meetings to offer more experience and perspective.