Our Philosophy

A Financial Services Firm Based on Responsibility

When we launched JSA, we asked ourselves one simple question: “As industry veterans, knowing what we know, what kind of firm would WE want to work with?” And then we built it.

As an investor, it can be difficult to find people you can trust with your financial matters. Sadly, we continue to hear stories from the financial industry that leave us shaking our heads.

“Why do I come in every day? To show one more person what type of firm can be created when clients are priority one and values and culture drive the experience.”

That’s why we built a firm in which responsibility is at the core of our philosophy. Responsibility permeates our culture — from the advice we give our clients, to our hands-on personal service, to investing in responsible companies that share our mentality.

—  Responsibility to our client

We only advise our clients on investments we trust and believe in — so much that we often include them in our own personal portfolios. We firmly believe this is the only way to do business as a financial services firm, and that this commitment is one of the keys that make us different than other portfolio managers.

Additionally, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to financial planning and investing. We believe we do our best work by understanding your “big picture.” That’s why we spend so much time up front getting to know your unique situation and desires, so we can deliver a customized plan that’s designed specifically with your goals in mind.

—  Responsibility to the community

As responsible asset managers, we invest in companies that we expect to yield high returns while remaining committed to corporate social responsibility.

This means we seek out companies that are part of the solution rather than part of the problem – companies that engage in fair business practices from all standpoints: fair to shareholders, to employees, and to the environment.

In short, we invest in companies that both our firm and our clients can be proud to own.

why jsa

we are fiduciary and fee-only

We act in your best interest 100% of the time.

Only our clients pay us (we don’t sell products).

we’re in this together

We think and act as if your money is our own.

Our Partners and Advisors own the same stocks as you and will endure losses and enjoy gains alongside you.

you hire our entire team

We work together as a team, and you’ll get to know all our advisors.

There are two advisors in your meetings to offer more experience and perspective.