Individuals & Families

Helping Individuals and Families Achieve Their Financial Goals

As an investor, you want smart portfolio management and sound financial advice so you can retire comfortably, plan for major life events, and spend wisely in retirement. The challenge is finding a trustworthy financial partner who is passionate about serving individual investors and will prioritize your needs. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

“Many of the firms we compete with are marketing-driven. We are not. We are investment-driven, focused exclusively on creating great outcomes for our clients.”

At JSA, we’ll treat your investments as if they were our own. In fact, we make it a practice to invest in the same companies we recommend to you. We’re here to help put you on the right path to a successful future with thoughtful financial planning and investing – all tailored to your needs. Your personal goals and challenges always remain top of mind so we can give you individualized service that helps set you up for success.

Here are a few examples of the goals we can help you achieve:

Become Retirement Ready

We help you prepare for retirement starting from where you are now, whether you are five or 30 years away from retiring. We also help you maximize your social security in ways that support your financial goals.

Prepare for College-bound Children

Do you need to plan your finances to fund your children’s college education? We can help you allocate your finances so you’re better prepared.

Plan for major life events

No matter what your personal financial goals are, we can help make sure your finances are aligned to achieve them.

Manage Charitable Giving

Planning gifts to charitable organizations helps ensure you attain your giving goals and accurately manage your donations.

Achieve Multi-Generational goals

Our advisors will help you define an investment strategy with the goal of creating more wealth, not only for your family today, but also for future generations of your family.