Frank & June – Achieving multi-generational goals

I know we’re going to be OK, but what can I do to help my children and grandchildren? Are there better ways to help my family? Will these gifts promote laziness among our kids?


When Frank and June came to us a decade ago, Frank was a retired partner from a law firm and June was active with volunteer work at the local children’s hospital. Now in their early 70s, they weren’t worried about running out of money, but wanted to share their wealth with their children and grandchildren in a meaningful way.

The Approach

We sat down with Frank and June to get to know them better and ascertain the goals that inspired them to save for this moment. We also met with the couple’s children and grandchildren to determine how the gifts might help them achieve their own personal dreams. The last step was to consult with Frank and June’s estate attorney to make the necessary adjustments to their estate plan, reflecting their goal to make lifetime gifts to their family members.

The Outcome

Once we knew more about Frank and June and their objectives, our advisors helped them set up an annual gifting strategy that provided a reasonable amount of cash to the children and grandchildren, but imposed the understanding that the gifts were clearly elective for Frank and June to make. This insured that all family members understood that they still needed to work hard and make their own way.

Additionally, after working closely with their estate attorney, we structured a legacy gift to the children’s hospital where June spent so many of her days as a volunteer. June feels proud to be able to help the local community and a cause she is passionate about.

Frank and June now have peace of mind that they are leaving the right legacy behind to support their offspring and help prepare them for a better life.